Dazel - 10 in 1 Scalp and Hair Treatement oil 200Ml

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  •   Give volume and strength:Encompassing the properties of various Ayurvedic elements, this product ensures to provide your hair good quality, strength, and volume. Your hairs will show results in no time.
  •  Shiny and Silky Hair:With our Dazel Active Scalp & Hair Care Oil, you hair quality will improve. There will be no longer frizzy or dry hairs, instead you will have silky smooth hairs to show off.
  •  Special Formula: The making of Dazel Active Scalp & Hair Care Oil combines main characteristics of herbs. All 14 ingredients used in making this oil have their own special abilities, which are highlighted with the use.
  •   Totally Natural:Dazel Active Scalp & Hair Care Oil is made with approved and recommended ingredients. These items have been given place in age-old Ayurveda and contemporary Trichology & Dermatology.
  •  Free from toxicity: Dazel Active Scalp & Hair Care Oil is made from all-natural items. This makes it a safe and healthy choice for your body; and gives positive results.



Product Description

All the pollution and chemical treatment from shampoos can make your hair lose their health. You can fight off these damaging agents with our Dazel Active Scalp & Hair Care Oil. Oils have always been the first ways to provide a healthy life to the scalp and hairs. And this Hair oil has got all the necessary nutrients to restore the shine and thickness of your hairs. Along with providing nourishment it also promotes hair growth which is visible within a few weeks of application. The oil is a mixture of extracts obtained by passing different herbal products through a cold press.

Curry Leaves Extracts, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower oil, Almond Oil, Coconut oil, Olive Oil; all these ingredients go through the cold-press process and give out natural extracts. Being cold press oil marks out that you are using the purest form of these ingredients. Daily use of these oils will give you strong, healthy, and long hairs. It improves the quality of hair within a few applications and makes them soft and thick. These will get rid of thin, dry, dull, and undernourished hairs; and make them look smoother and silkier. Since it is made from natural and herbal ingredients, this oil will be perfect for all scalp and hair types; our product can be used by everyone.

Dazel Active Scalp & Hair Care Oil Ingredients

Harnessing the powers of all-natural products, our Dazel Active Scalp & Hair Care Oil is made of:

Curry Leaves Extract

Having an abundance of Beta-carotene and proteins; Curry Leaves Extract prevents hair loss

Sunflower Oil

With high fatty acids, ceramides, and Vitamin E; Sunflower Oil nourishes and strengthens the scalp

Coconut Oil

Filled with necessary vitamins; Coconut Oil reconstructs the hair follicles and provides faster hair growth

Almond Oil

Packed with essential nutrients for healthy hair; Almond Oil promotes hair strengthening and makes them smooth

Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri) Extracts

Get thick, smooth, and strong hairs by showering them with Bacopa Monnieri or Brahmi extract

Bhringraj Extract

Regular application can prevent hair fall, dry hair, and dandruff; Bhringraj Extract has antimicrobial qualities

Aloe Vera

Repair your scalp skin and get healthy hair growth with a proteolytic enzyme packed Aloe Vera

Red Onion Extract

Extra collagen and sulfur for your nourished hairs; prevent hair loss with Red Onion Extract

How to use Dazel Active Scalp & Hair Care Oil

Using Active Scalp & Hair Care Oil is not difficult. Just follow these steps towards getting nourished and healthy hairs:

Gently comb/ brush your hairs so they do not have any tangled strands

Pour around 2 tablespoon oil in your palm

Target three main regions: Scalp, Roots, and Tips

Start massaging your scalp in slow and gentle motions

After covering the scalp, move on to the roots and their tips

Leave it for a minimum half hour; best results can be obtained when left overnight

Shampoo your hairs

For best results:-If you wish to target hair growth, take generous quantity if warm Active Scalp & Hair Care Oil and massage your scalp, roots, and tips with it for 10 to 15mins. After applying, wrap your hair in a hot and moist towel for another 10 to 15mins.