Dazel Anti-Aging Night Cream

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Whats New

  •   Helps fill up fine lines and boost skin's elasticity.

  •   Helps fade age spots and blemishes.

  •   Helps evoke youthful glow.

  •   Suits all skin types.



Dazel Anti-aging night cream- a leave-on night mask that refreshes your face while you rest. The best anti-aging night cream for oily skin will make your face look younger without making you break out. It is lightweight, non-greasy, and packed with nutrients to restore your skin overnight. It won't clog pores, and it doesn't irritate the skin as it has a hypoallergenic formula. Instead, it absorbs quickly, provides deep hydration so that you wake up with radiant skin. The nutrient-intensive and skin-loving formulation contains pure Aloe juice, Shea butter, Sandalwood oil, Saffron extracts and Jojoba oil that give your skin all the hydration and nutrition it needs to minimize fine lines, blemishes, age spots and loss of elasticity. Regular use helps fill up wrinkles, fade pigmentation and improve skin's suppleness. Get started and bring back your ever youthful and ever radiant skin.



Aloe Vera gel contains powerful antioxidants moisturizers. Aloe contains a plethora of antioxidants including. beta carotene. vitamin C E that can help to improve skin's natural firmness 6 keep the skin hydrated.

JoJoba Oil

Rich in important vitamins a minerals, including vitamins E B-complex. zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, 6 iodine. Jojoba oil moisturizes skin. treats skin disorders. balances oil production reduces wrinkles a signs of aging.


With its richness in oleic acid. a mono—unsaturated omega-9 acid stearic acid,a saturated fatty acid.Treats dry skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines andwrinkles. it othes the skin helps adding moisture to the skin as it tightens firms the appearance of skin


Kashmiri saffron offers radiant a smoot skin. It also lightens your skin gives fairer skin naturally.


Its anti-bacterial properties helps your skin fight the acne-causing bacteria. making your skin look flawless, helps remove suntan reduce sunburns due to its soothing effect.


An extravagant source of vitamin A, Shea butter aids in numerous skin conditions such as blemishes wrinkles, It helps cell regeneration softening of the skin. which reduces wrinkles, boosts collagen production. provides deep moisturizing, prevents sunbum a dry cracked skin.



use this cream to protect your skin from pollution and elemental damage.


Apply it on cleansed skin — use it on your neck and jawline to keep the area firm and toned.


Apply the cream at least 15 minutes before going to sleep so that it gets absorbed thoroughly.


Do not wipe off. Leave on through the night for the actives to work on your skin.


Use this daily as it helps repair skindamage and prevents patchy dull skin.